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Store design & optimization

Optimize your Shopify store easily with first-class apps. Use intuitive functions for an appealing layout and experience how your website can be raised to a new level without complex programming.

Customize the standard email templates: Increase sales & strengthen your branding.

Are you still using Shopify’s standard notification emails? Boost your sales and strengthen your brand – simply customize the standard transactional emails Shopify sends to your customers (e.g. the order confirmation, shipping confirmation or newsletter confirmation) by integrating your own branding, after-sale discounts or product upsells. Make Shopify email notifications work better for you with the easily customizable email templates – start sending professionally designed customer emails. No coding required.

Automatic sending and export of invoices, delivery bills, quotations and more.

Send, export and print automated invoices and more, customized with your branding, logo, fonts and the colors of your store. Simply add your logo to the professional templates and customize all elements and texts of your documents using the Customizer. Optimize and simplify your order processing – print out all necessary documents such as packing slips, return forms, etc. and integrate automatic invoice PDF links in your customer emails. Translation and multi-currency are integrated. The perfect solution and a must-have for Shopify stores of all sizes.

Customized templates for invoices, delivery bills, packing slips and more.

Take your invoices, gift receipts, packing slips and return forms to the next level with Order Printer Templates. Create professional documents that contain custom elements (such as product or tax information) and reflect your brand identity, logo & fonts. One-click translation and different languages possible. No programming knowledge is required. Simple user interface and integration for immediate results. Works seamlessly with Order Printer and Order Printer Pro. One-time setup fee of $29 per template.

The optimized solution for digital products - sell & send digital products such as files, PDFs, license keys & software.

The easier way to sell digital products. Enables seamless automation for store owners and is a first-class shopping experience for your customers. Drag-and-drop customizer for fast product configuration and efficient management (a change to the source file is updated for all products). Customize branded emails and thank you pages and translate them into any language. Suitable for all digital downloads – sell digital files, e-books, PDFs, videos, license keys, software and more.

Product review app, video & photo reviews, recommendations & upsells

Loox helps brands build trust, improve conversion rates and increase sales with visual social proof. Automatically collect authentic product reviews as photos and videos and display them on your website with well-designed, fully customizable widgets that won’t slow down your online store. Simplify your social proof marketing in one easy-to-use app, from one-click recommendations to high-converting upsells. Developed exclusively for Shopify, Loox fits all themes, supports multiple languages and offers first-class 24/7 customer support.

Optimize the customer account page and integrate your branding as well as additional useful features

With Customer Account Concierge, you not only get the ability to customize the look and feel of your customer account page, but also the flexibility to display custom content based on your customers’ shopping behavior. Through this personalized interaction, you can strengthen customer loyalty and create a unique shopping experience that sets your brand apart from the competition. In addition, Customer Account Concierge offers a user-friendly interface that allows your customers to easily view their order history and select their preferences based on their interests.

Convenient subscription setup and management with robust merchant tools and an intuitive user interface

Appstle’s powerful Shopify subscription app opens up new opportunities for your business to generate recurring revenue by providing customers with a frictionless subscription experience. The subscription app’s simple setup allows you to create custom subscriptions in a few clicks, and the dedicated support team is ready to answer questions or make customizations, ensuring that subscription management is seamlessly integrated into the way your Shopify store works. In addition, comprehensive analysis tools give you a detailed insight into subscriber behavior so that you can optimize your marketing strategies and build long-term customer loyalty.

Affiliate marketing & influencer app: maximize your reach & increase your conversions

The Shopify UpPromote app is the ultimate solution for the efficient management of affiliates and influencers. It enables you to effortlessly build, recruit and manage a strong network. The app’s powerful features allow you to implement targeted marketing strategies and optimize customer loyalty by integrating affiliate partners and activating existing customers. UpPromote offers a comprehensive platform to take your affiliate marketing to the next level and effectively support the needs of your growing business.

Your key to e-commerce success: The ultimate collection of the best Shopify apps and tools

Welcome to our exclusive page that gives you access to the best Shopify apps and other essential tools for your daily business operations. As a passionate Shopify agency, we understand the importance of a well-equipped toolbox to take your online store to the next level. Here you can find out how you can not only save time and resources but also increase your sales by making the right choice of apps and tools.

The diversity of the best: Discover the world of Shopify apps

In our carefully curated collection, you’ll find a wide range of apps from the Shopify App Store that are specifically designed to optimize your Shopify experience. From tools to improve the user experience to apps that help you manage your marketing strategy, there’s something here for every need.

We go one step further and not only present Shopify apps, but also tools outside the app store that make your entire working day easier. Whether you’re looking for an efficient project management tool like monday.com, want to take your marketing strategy to the next level with Klaviyo or prioritize collaborative design with Figma, you’ll find recommendations that perfectly fit your needs.

The diversity of the best: Discover the world of Shopify apps

Integrating these tools into your Shopify store is very easy. With our instructions, you can seamlessly integrate your logo, colors and fonts into the apps in no time at all. We not only offer instructions, but also professional templates to ensure that the apps are a perfect fit for your brand. And if you have any questions, our first-class support team is available around the clock.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established e-commerce business, our selection of apps and tools takes into account the needs of stores of all sizes. Here you will find high-performance solutions that are also easy on your budget.

Get ready to revolutionize your Shopify experience. Discover the best apps and tools to increase your efficiency, inspire customers and take your online store to the next level. You’re just one click away from a successful e-commerce journey.

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